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our team of customer service and technology experts is building the next generation of customer service software—giving you the tools you need to delight your customers at enterprise scale.

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about us

our story

help.com was founded as the result of the scaling challenges that two quickly growing companies faced with their customer service software. the options were to spend hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars on expensive software designed for large enterprises (which seemed outdated and difficult to use) or cobble by with solutions designed for much smaller companies. help.com's goal is to bridge that gap and offer companies a customer service solution that they can scale happily and affordably.

our progress

our team is hard at work building the next generation of customer service software. we are actively talking to select companies about what they like and dislike about their current customer service software solutions and what they鈥檇 like to see from future software. our focus is on building software that helps teams better serve their customers and do so more efficiently. if you鈥檇 like to tell us about your company鈥檚 needs, please get in touch.

our current focus is on building our team and our product. in the meantime, we'd love to talk to any companies that have gone through the struggles that we have and learn about what you're looking for from your customer service software. we're also happy to keep you informed of our progress.


meet the team

alexander martinsoftware engineer

alexander martin
software engineer

alex started programming at the age of 8, making games in basic. despite applying to colleges for business and classical singing and eventually going to school for chemistry and medicine, he ultimately found his way into technology and entrepreneurship. you might see him zipping around austin with his suit and motorcycle unapologetically blasting some tay sway.


spencer rinehartsoftware engineer

spencer rinehart
software engineer

spencer rinehart is a software engineer with a focus on devops. he's not afraid to admit to 10 years of experience with php, but he's just as comfortable with node.js. he is an avid open source contributor with github. when he's not programming, he loves spending time with his wife and 4-year-old son.


kayla brehmoffice operations

kayla brehm
office operations

kayla comes from nyc, where she spent the last year and a half as a project coordinator at warby parker. at help.com, kayla will be tasked with scaling help.com operations as we continue our rapid growth. if kayla's not out exploring austin's music scene, you can find her attempting to bake gluten-free sweets (cupcakes, anyone?).


douglas hannafounder and ceo

douglas hanna
founder and ceo

doug is using his experience from his time as ceo of a small orange and running customer service at hostgator to lead the team at help.com. between creating the next generation of customer service software and eating at some of the world鈥檚 greatest restaurants, we're amazed he still has time to learn all of gmail鈥檚 keyboard shortcuts.


buster collingssoftware engineer

buster collings
software engineer

buster is a "get things done" kind of guy who started creating and selling software before y2k struck us all. he's all about architecting, building, and deploying cutting edge solutions that grow the bottom line. when he's not in developer flow, he loves traveling with his wife, walking his dog, and smoking various meats in his backyard.


ryan dietrichsenior software engineer

ryan dietrich
senior software engineer

prior to joining help.com, ryan was the chief architect at betterservers, a cloud computing company where he built a robust messaging platform and interfaced cloudstack to a custom infiniband based san. before that, he had a long history in high frequency trading and defense contracting, including a stint at red hat working on red hat network. ryan has lived all over the country, but has finally found home in utah where he can ski freely.


randall jonessoftware engineer

randall jones
software engineer

before joining help.com, randall led development and growth for a saas company. devoted to staying on top of his craft through constant r&d, randall lives to deliver cutting edge user experiences. when he鈥檚 not coding, you can usually find randall at a concert downtown or enjoying a movie with friends.


caleb brewersoftware engineer

caleb brewer
software engineer

caleb is a full stack application developer who is primarily interested in javascript. he previously worked as a software engineer at ibm and as a freelance wordpress developer. in his free time, caleb contributes to open source, runs, and enjoys music. he also has an inexplicable obsession with ducks.


adam stevensdesigner

adam stevens

for the last five years, adam has been focusing on web and ui design. he is dedicated to creating a wonderful brand experience, and works to find simple solutions to complex problems. he has worked with several great clients such as visa, colman鈥檚, and the portland timbers. he spends his off time with his wife and two kids or playing zelda.


graham morenobusiness operations

graham moreno
business operations

graham fled the frigid winters at boston college for the more temperate climate of enterprise sales at oracle in austin. you can find him curating our blog and social media presence or thinking up sales/marketing strategy. if he isn鈥檛 doing that, look for him at the gym or any of the well reviewed restaurants on his food blog.


brent oxley | lead investor

brent is a serial entrepreneur who founded hostgator.com out of his dorm room in 2002. as its founder and ceo, brent grew hostgator to a world leading hosting provider with nearly 1,000 employees. in 2012, brent successfully sold hostgator to endurance international group in a multi-hundred million dollar transaction. he has since become a full time investor in a variety of startups, real estate projects, and other ventures.


life at help.com

we are looking to build a different kind of software company and to do that, we're looking to hire the best people in the world to join our team.

amazing co-workers

our team defines what it's like to work at help.com. we prioritize getting things done and focus on what's relevant to achieve that.


we want all of our employees to have a stake in the success of help.com - both financially and through their work at the company.

awesome work environment

we want our team to feel at home in our office in downtown austin and view our office as an extension of our company and brand.

the best equipment

mac, pc, laptop, desktop, external monitor - whatever you need, we'll make it happen. no problem.

stay healthy

fully paid health, dental, and vision insurance plans are standard. plentiful healthy snacks and an onsite gym are part of the package.

transportation help

drive, bike, bus, walk, or skip - however you get to work, we'll make it easier for you.

hiring software engineers

we are looking for creative, motivated, and flexible software engineers experienced with web development, particularly node.js.

get in touch

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